United We Stand, Divided We Fall – My feelings about the new Capt. America: Civil War trailer


The Civil War story is one of those comics that caused a frenzy when it was released almost a decade ago. Since then, Marvel fans have hoped and prayed that one day the story could be told on the big screen. and FINALLY and here it is…..well in final trailer form.

The premise of the film is simple. Set after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. An international incident happens which the Avengers were involved in and caused severe issues with many governments across the world. The government decide that the best cause of action is to try and control how superheroes operate, as well as make superheroes accountable when assisting in emergencies. This in turn meant that it would also decide as and when the best time to call The Avengers into combat. However, when Rogers (Capt. America) attempts to look after his old friend (and brainwashed assassin) Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) from the government, who are out to capture him due to his actions during the collapse of the fall of S.H.I.E.L D. In Rogers effort to protect Bucky, it causes controversy as well as conflict with Tony Stark (Iron Man) and The Avengers. It eventually splits The Avengers into two groups. One led by Rogers, who wants to stay outside of governmental control. And the other group, led by Stark who wants the government to control as and when The Avengers are needed. Fight ensues, enjoyment for all commences.

Outside of knowing that information its anyones guess. But expect a lot of arguing, fighting, and especially explosions.

Looking at the the newly released trailer, which shows us a lot more juicy footage. It outlines more about how personal this gets between Stark and Rogers. as well as showing us how the split causes turmoil with the other members of The Avengers (with the exception of Thor, who has more important things to sort out, and The Hulk’s counterpart Bruce Banner, who is still in hiding after Age of Ultron).

The one thing to take from the trailer is we FINALLY got to see Spider-Man which we’ve been waiting to see since Sony and Marvel Pictures agreed to a deal to let him be in Civil War. His introduction was perfect and I think its how we all wanted to see him in his debut. On another spidey note he looks FREAKING AWESOME, very classic Spider-Man with a little modern touch, i also liked how  Stark introduced him as “Underoos”.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything new from the trailer. The previous trailers gave us a good insight to what the film is like without giving much of the plot away. Granted, they added a few interesting scenes as well as expanded on others. But for me the reveal of Spider-Man was the icing on the cake.

So take a look for yourself right now, and make your choice on what side you stand on (Team Iron Man every time for me).

My final note is this, LET ME SEE IT NOW!!