Episode 5 – I’m learning to drive…Again!

I have decided to learn to drive again, to be honest I should have done it when I was 17, but was too lazy to sort it. But I did eventually start to learn at when I was 24, and all was going well till I got a new job and had to move to Newcastle. and I did continue to learn for a few months when I lived there, but work got in way and that time to learn disappeared. Once again I should have restarted learning after work quietened down, but once again got too lazy to sort it.

Can you see a trend growing about learning to drive. I’ve never really understood why I too lazy to learn, cause I love cars, have done ever since i was a kid, and I always said as soon as I could drive I would. I also swore that I would never drink alcohol……That didn’t quite go to plan though 😛

So why the sudden interest to re-start.

  1. I’m sick of public transport.
  2. I need some more freedom.
  3. Hinders some of my chances to work locally…Public Transport great to get you from A to B, but it doesn’t always get you to their the easiest way possible.
  4. And more importantly I should have done it ages ago.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed driving (well learning to drive) when I was learning…but things got in the way unfortunately. Even though I promised myself that once I had the free time back I would get back to it, I never did. Well, 5 years later here I am with the time to do it. Saying that, those 5 years haven’t been that hectic…to some degree, they’ve not been easy, but not bad enough that I couldn’t have done it sooner. Motivation has always been the problem here, even though I know I have a bucket full of the gloopy motivation grease, I just don’t want to go to the parts shop and get more. (trying to make a motor vehicle analogy here…think i did it.)

But I’m now ready to get back to it and driving as soon as possible, but first I have he joy of having to sit a Theory test, which I had done previously but failed by one point on hazard perception section of the exam. For those who don’t know what the UK Driving Theory Test is. It consists of 50 questions about driver knowledge, roads signs and safety, and economic driving (and much more) along with a theory test you also have to take a Hazard Perception test which is 14 video questions which test people’s reactions to hazards when driving. To pass your theory you much pass both exams at the same examination, which then deems your competent enough to go forward for the practical examination. Luckily for me, although I’ve been pretty lazy on driving I did keep up with learning my Highway Code and taking mock exams, but I’m not saying I will pass either, but positivity and all that.

So, currently have just over 3 weeks to revise and revise and…you guessed it revise for my theory test. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up.


Published by

James Nealey

James is 30 (but chances are he could be older, just for the fact that he may forget to update this) and lives on the Wirral, England. By day he works as a Software Tester. By night.....he mainly sleeps, but enjoys playing games, seeing movies, reading and music. He tries to find humour wherever he is. Essentially, if you chuckle while your reading them then he's done something right....which is a rarity.

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