Episode 2 – I Have A Cunning plan?

Okay, it’s been too long. Well, 2 weeks in fact!! But for this blog to work I have to write stuff….who’d of thought it!?

To say my blog launch was a rousing success is stretching it a little too far, but I know it’s something that going to take time to get started. But since that fateful first post, I’ve actually been quite positive about the whole blog. But the key now is to try and continue this, so much so I’ve been on an epic quest to find what I should write about. I’ve also got one or two ideas for articles and topics, that I think might be pretty good. With a notepad equipped with my +2 Charm/Charisma enchanted pen, I’ve been writing these ideas down.

DSC_0104 copy
As you can see my DW note pad has been a very useful companion, ready at a moment’s notice, until I realise I forgot to bring a pen with me (cue audible expletives)!!

I don’t want this blog to just be all about me. Obviously from time to time it’s going to happen, but I want it to be about my interests and also discovering new things too. (this is where you, the reader can involve yourself).

Currently I have two ideas that I want to work on.

Music playlist – Each week I will review a Band and discuss what I thought about the songs. in turn I will also create a playlist via Spotify (hilariously called ‘Jaylist’) of a selection of songs I liked from that week’s selected Band. Great thing about this is I will discover new music and build upon my eclectic musical taste that I already have, and you can involve yourself too by suggesting something to review.

Book Review – Unfortunately I don’t read as much now as I did when I was younger, and I want to try and correct that by reading as many books as possible this year. Currently my book reading for this year totals Zero. as one of my goals this year i want to have read 50 (Amendment – 50 is a long stretch, this is proof that maths has never been my strong point – Thanks pocketmonkeypete for informing me 😉 )  books by the 31st December 2016, this will include audio books too. a long shot to reach 50(-ish) but i’m going to give it a bloody good go! Plan is to give my opinion about said book and possibly open it up to discussion….but i haven’t thought that part out yet!! 😛

Other ideas include reviews of games, tv shows, and movies, which i will be ironing out over the next few days.

The last thing I will be sorting is my writing skill which I’ve never been that great at. Don’t get me wrong I can write (it’s pretty essential when you’re a software tester), but personally writing is a totally different, as you need to write to bring out my personality and at the same time make sense grammatically.

So there you have it, Post 2. It came and went so fast, Onwards to Post 3, i suppose.

As always drop me a comment with a request on what book or band i should try out. And give me a tip or two with this whole blogging thing!

Till next time people…..stay classy 😉


Published by

James Nealey

James is 30 (but chances are he could be older, just for the fact that he may forget to update this) and lives on the Wirral, England. By day he works as a Software Tester. By night.....he mainly sleeps, but enjoys playing games, seeing movies, reading and music. He tries to find humour wherever he is. Essentially, if you chuckle while your reading them then he's done something right....which is a rarity.

2 thoughts on “Episode 2 – I Have A Cunning plan?”

  1. I think that both the music and book ideas are great ways to get some regular content for your blog.
    Though 50 books in a year?
    That’s like 4 books a month!
    I think I’d struggle to do that, though I don’t use audio books myself and that would definitely speed things up.
    Good on you for setting up some goals, I look forward to seeing what music and books you’ll introduce to me 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment pocketmonkeypete.
      I know 50 books is a pretty difficult target to reach, and chances are I will not reach it! Perhaps my target should be halved to 25? Two/three books a month would be a more manageable goal. And if I fail,the gap will not be as massive 😛


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