Episode 6 – Goodbye, Reset or something new?

Well this has come out of the blue. Well, it hasn’t really. Ive been sitting on this post for some time, but I’ve only just decided to post it…with a bit of extra editing.

I don’t know what to do with this blog, I thought this was going to encourage me and make me determined about things, which it did but not enough. I mean I was determined to learn to drive again then pass (I passed my practical driving test by the way….sorry), it’s helped me with my writing skills (although the jury’s still out on that one), and also feel a gained some confidence too.

However all that aside, I feel I’m at a point where I don’t know what i should do with this blog, and I’m at a bit of a cross roads really. I don’t know if I should just walk away, or should I turn right and try again and make this something I would be proud of.

To be honest I’ve been at quite a few cross roads recently (not due to driving either) I’ve been a lot more critical about things and what I should do with my life and where to go. Whether I should stay in this job I’m currently in? Should I try a new endeavour? Should I find someone special to grow old with? Should I stay single? Things like that really.

I think a lot of these thoughts are happening because it’s now dawned on me that I’m not getting any younger and perhaps these paths should have been lined out earlier. To be honest I’m scared to turn around and realise that my entire life has passed by and I’ve not accomplished anything and just meandered through life just staying afloat.

As I write this I can hear my Dad’s saying which I use in such situations “You can never drown in shit!” I asked him once what he meant when he uses it, and he just turned to me and said “no matter how much crap happens around you, and it can build up and up, till it’s underneath your nose. You realise that you won’t physically fall under, cause who wants to drown in shit” I think the real meaning behind it is that there’s always a way out of a problem, all it takes is you to realise and work out what you need to do to sort it. Now you can’t force change unfortunately, but you can try and steer it in a way that those decisions are achievable.

I still think blogging is a good thing for me, so I can express feelings or working out what I’m doing, where I’m going, or what I need to do to get there. At the end of the day and I think this is where I lost interest in blogging and it was the fact I wasn’t writing for myself. Most of what I wrote was me saying “people will find that interesting” or “other people are talking about this, maybe I should”. The other problem is that I was pushing it onto other people (mainly my Facebook friends….who I should apologise too). This should be more for me rather than anyone else.

I do hope i can keep this up even if its just for me, myself and I. The only snag is that i don’t know what i want right now with anything.

So here I am, which way I should go…..sadly only I’m the only one who can decide.

Signing off, but hopefully not for long. LLAP


Episode 5 – I’m learning to drive…Again!

I have decided to learn to drive again, to be honest I should have done it when I was 17, but was too lazy to sort it. But I did eventually start to learn at when I was 24, and all was going well till I got a new job and had to move to Newcastle. and I did continue to learn for a few months when I lived there, but work got in way and that time to learn disappeared. Once again I should have restarted learning after work quietened down, but once again got too lazy to sort it.

Can you see a trend growing about learning to drive. I’ve never really understood why I too lazy to learn, cause I love cars, have done ever since i was a kid, and I always said as soon as I could drive I would. I also swore that I would never drink alcohol……That didn’t quite go to plan though 😛

So why the sudden interest to re-start.

  1. I’m sick of public transport.
  2. I need some more freedom.
  3. Hinders some of my chances to work locally…Public Transport great to get you from A to B, but it doesn’t always get you to their the easiest way possible.
  4. And more importantly I should have done it ages ago.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed driving (well learning to drive) when I was learning…but things got in the way unfortunately. Even though I promised myself that once I had the free time back I would get back to it, I never did. Well, 5 years later here I am with the time to do it. Saying that, those 5 years haven’t been that hectic…to some degree, they’ve not been easy, but not bad enough that I couldn’t have done it sooner. Motivation has always been the problem here, even though I know I have a bucket full of the gloopy motivation grease, I just don’t want to go to the parts shop and get more. (trying to make a motor vehicle analogy here…think i did it.)

But I’m now ready to get back to it and driving as soon as possible, but first I have he joy of having to sit a Theory test, which I had done previously but failed by one point on hazard perception section of the exam. For those who don’t know what the UK Driving Theory Test is. It consists of 50 questions about driver knowledge, roads signs and safety, and economic driving (and much more) along with a theory test you also have to take a Hazard Perception test which is 14 video questions which test people’s reactions to hazards when driving. To pass your theory you much pass both exams at the same examination, which then deems your competent enough to go forward for the practical examination. Luckily for me, although I’ve been pretty lazy on driving I did keep up with learning my Highway Code and taking mock exams, but I’m not saying I will pass either, but positivity and all that.

So, currently have just over 3 weeks to revise and revise and…you guessed it revise for my theory test. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up.

Daily Prompt – Anger!


This is a response to the blogging site – The Daily Post, who do a Daily Prompt where each day they give a single word to help encourage bloggers to write about a subject.

You can see more Daily Prompts as well as useful tips on blogging, by clicking on the link here: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/ 

This Prompt (Angry) was posted on my birthday (June 1st). Which I thought was a great word to start with. 

I’m not an angry man….more frustrated than angry. However it’s effects are one in the same. The end result always leaves you feeling bad.

I’m one of these people who buries his anger deep. Any annoyances or problems get thrown on the landfill of stuff in my head. Till a pocket of it creeps its way up to a week spot within my head and causes a meltdown (or as I call it a ‘little wobble’). I never do an outburst of anger or show anger in any way. To be honest I mainly take it out on myself first through feeling pretty bad for myself and then it slowly creeps down to my family who basically have to deal with me being very pissed off and slightly argumentitve, but they may tell you differently.

So how do I vent the anger? Mainly through music, playing the guitar helps deal with and settle down anything that getting on my nerves. In actual fact with me, music is an integral part of settling any my emotions or problems when things get on top of me. Music is a great way to escape from one’s problems. You can stick an album on, or a playlist…as the youth’s would do nowadays and escape to different world and forget them for a while, and once the album finishes or your ready to return back to normality. You can return feeling a little better and also deal with what was troubling you originally.

Anger can be such a personal thing. one person’s tiny irritation is another persons raging meltdown, but if you can find that one thing that helps ease those feelings, use it as much as possible. We live in a world full of too much anger already. Anger towards someones race, sexuality, nationality, political feelings. at the end of the day we are all Human, no real difference between me or the person you next walk past. treat each other with peace and a smile and they will return the favour back.

Episode 4 – lets do a r-r-r-reset!!

Well…..this is marvellous. It’s only been 2 months since I last posted something on here.

Normally at this time, I would apologise for not posting or how bad I am at being a blogger. But the truth of the matter is this…why should I apologise? It’s not like I have thousands upon thousands wanting my blood as I haven’t blogged. I’m lucky to get 10 views on one of my typical but rare posts. The fact of the matter is this, I’m not a blogger, yet.

This doesn’t mean I’m calling it quits with my site, far from it actually. Looking back at why i started to do this. I had heady dreams of doing loads with it, but without settling on what my niche would be. Perhaps just generally writing about my life is a good start…I know quite a lot about that.Perhaps I should not look at my site as ‘blog’ but more of a diary or memoir…or something along those lines at least.

So I’m just going to do it as a personal diary, and we’ll see how it goes after that.

So just to reiterate, I’m still here. I still want to blog, and your going to hear a lot more from me too…hopefully 😛

Any who, here’s a picture of a cat…my cat actually…Happy Trails people.


My Blog – Episode 3 – Still not good at this blogging, am i??

Well It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been a good few weeks since I last wrote a personal blog post. I’ve been fairly busy and distracted with the usual ‘life’ things. To be honest (as you can clearly see) I’ve not been active on here at all. Now, I could make an excuse of which I can come up with many, but there really isn’t one. So apologies but if we can all just ignore this break in transmission that took place, that would be great 😛

So what have I been up to? Well….mainly work if I’m honest. However, I’ve been on a small adventure.

Myself and my Dad attended a stag weekend in beautiful town of Windermere in the Lake District. The weekend Son-in-Law (to be) of my Dads oldest and closest friend, and was “meant” to be a quiet and civilised weekend for the Dad’s and Lad’s to get to know each other. It was 3 glorious days, and I mean glorious, as we had cracking weather for the time of year. Much ale was drank, all was merry, and my Dad and his friend reminisce about growing up together and much more which is always nice to see them do. We stayed in The Windermere Hotel, which was pleasant had some wonderful views and was more than adequate to put one’s drunken head down after a night out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the way home from the Stag weekend, me and my Dad decided to take the long way home and follow the coast round through Morecambe, Blackpool, Southport and then home to The Wirral. On the way home we discovered a motor museum.

The Lakeland Motor Museum (https://www.lakelandmotormuseum.co.uk/) was a fantastic discovery and holds an impressive collection of Motor vehicles, Motor Bikes, Bicycles as well as a plethora of motor paraphernalia. It also has an exhibition of Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell’s Bluebirds (located inside another building on the museum site). All-in-all it was a very impressive museum, and the cost of entry was only £8.50 (for an adult) which was a bargain. Our original estimate of an hour to look around eventually finished up being almost 3 hours.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that was that, that was the small but enjoyable adventure I had. Hopefully this is going to be the start of many more adventures.

In other (but blogging-centric) news. I have seen a quite a few films recently (which I think I might blog about separately), as well as TV shows (some new, some old – again I am in the process of writing a few post about them), and games (which, as you can guess by now will be blogged about). I’m also working on ways to push my blog posting count a little more than once in a blue moon.

One last thing which I am a little apprehensive to write about (hence why I’ve decided to tease you all), but at the same time I want to at least try and write something about it, so I’ll just leave it by letting you in on what my next personal blog post is going to be titled. Episode 4 – There’s someone special out there for everyone!

Till next time, keep on trucking!

Tell your friends I have a blog….and repeat it at any opportunity possible, they’ll love you for it! 😉

(Iris Wipe and cue Star Wars end credit theme!!)

United We Stand, Divided We Fall – My feelings about the new Capt. America: Civil War trailer


The Civil War story is one of those comics that caused a frenzy when it was released almost a decade ago. Since then, Marvel fans have hoped and prayed that one day the story could be told on the big screen. and FINALLY and here it is…..well in final trailer form.

The premise of the film is simple. Set after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. An international incident happens which the Avengers were involved in and caused severe issues with many governments across the world. The government decide that the best cause of action is to try and control how superheroes operate, as well as make superheroes accountable when assisting in emergencies. This in turn meant that it would also decide as and when the best time to call The Avengers into combat. However, when Rogers (Capt. America) attempts to look after his old friend (and brainwashed assassin) Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) from the government, who are out to capture him due to his actions during the collapse of the fall of S.H.I.E.L D. In Rogers effort to protect Bucky, it causes controversy as well as conflict with Tony Stark (Iron Man) and The Avengers. It eventually splits The Avengers into two groups. One led by Rogers, who wants to stay outside of governmental control. And the other group, led by Stark who wants the government to control as and when The Avengers are needed. Fight ensues, enjoyment for all commences.

Outside of knowing that information its anyones guess. But expect a lot of arguing, fighting, and especially explosions.

Looking at the the newly released trailer, which shows us a lot more juicy footage. It outlines more about how personal this gets between Stark and Rogers. as well as showing us how the split causes turmoil with the other members of The Avengers (with the exception of Thor, who has more important things to sort out, and The Hulk’s counterpart Bruce Banner, who is still in hiding after Age of Ultron).

The one thing to take from the trailer is we FINALLY got to see Spider-Man which we’ve been waiting to see since Sony and Marvel Pictures agreed to a deal to let him be in Civil War. His introduction was perfect and I think its how we all wanted to see him in his debut. On another spidey note he looks FREAKING AWESOME, very classic Spider-Man with a little modern touch, i also liked how  Stark introduced him as “Underoos”.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything new from the trailer. The previous trailers gave us a good insight to what the film is like without giving much of the plot away. Granted, they added a few interesting scenes as well as expanded on others. But for me the reveal of Spider-Man was the icing on the cake.

So take a look for yourself right now, and make your choice on what side you stand on (Team Iron Man every time for me).

My final note is this, LET ME SEE IT NOW!!

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! – My opinion (and theory) on the new Ghostbusters.


Right. Lets try and get through this area as quickly as possible. I will put my hands up and admit, I did have my reservations about the announcement of the film. Not because of the all female cast, but because of the uncertainty about there plans for the story and how it would fit in the universe.

And from the moment I heard about the all women cast over a year and a half ago, my initial thought was it was ballsy and an interesting move for the team. But I never really have an issue with it. my guess for the plot was pretty simple. Either it was going to be a totally new story set in the Ghostbuster Universe or a re-imagining of the 1984 original. Which, although I was disappointed about. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Venkman and Co one more time. But I was actually intrigued with how they were going to do it.

As we have been drip fed the information on plot and set design etc. over the year and a half since Paul Feig took to the steering wheel of his own ECTO-1. We still don’t have an idea yet about the plot.

However since Friday when the trailer escaped the Muon Trap (yep…i know my Ghostbuster trivia) and into the interwebs. The response has been……well mixed!!

News feeds about how people are talking about how bad the racial stereotyping in the trailer, and people STILL having issues with it being an all female lead cast, has quite frankly got out of hand. I personally can say none of those issues were brought up by anyone i know upon discussion after seeing the trailer (thank the maker!!).

As the fans who, like me, are interested in what the final version will be like, are put in an awkward place online having to then defend the reason for why they like it. My opinion is my own, and I will stand on the side I want to stand on, nor will I argue for or against my reasons either.

Anywho, lets look at this trailer and give you my theories.

The opening did make me smile, as it homaged what Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, gave us 32 years ago. The shot of Hook & Ladder No. 8, gave me chills. The simple yet iconic notes of the theme song rang out. It instantly threw me back to being 6 year old, being a massive Real Ghostbusters fan and being aloud to see the original movie for the first time.


My first little issue I noticed was did state that 30 years ago 4 Scientists saved New York (even though Winston Zeddemore was not actually a Scientist) but I could live with it, if that is what they are referring to.

This to some people screamed sequel. But this is where i’m theorising that it’s potentially a film set within the Ghostbusters universe. Perhaps the story takes an unfortunate turn where Venkman and Co die either, during the Vigo The Carpathian on New Years Eve or possibly later in another Ghostly attack. Which then in turn caused that world to be destroyed and we’re seeing an alternative universe….possibly??? Who know’s but i’m stating now, its not a sequel.

The iconic logo of the Ghostbusters. Perhaps a vigilante is using it or perhaps its a message??

libary ghostSlimed

Our first introduction to a ghost and the team, possibly as amateur paranormal researchers, meeting the ghost of the women in the picture above. fairly reminiscent to the Librarian? As well seeing slime, reminding watchers that humour is still pretty important, even when someone is unexpectedly slimed.

Now we get to what i think could be pretty interesting….

Now looking from this scene in the trailer (Top Image), that interior isn’t exactly screaming garage on the side of a Chinese takeaway restaurant, is it? To me it looks like the interior of Ladder 8 (it looks like where the office area was in the original and second film), You can even seen the old Gate doors (in red…respecting The Real Ghostbuters cartoon) Oddly i’ve not seen any trailer breakdown suggesting this theory? (cue to people proving me wrong) But we get to see some cool tech as well as the new or possibly a Muon Trap to catch something bigger? We also another look at the Proton Pack 2.0 (with the power on sound) that Paul Feig showed us a few months back.

We also had the unveiling (in the trailer at least, as again a picture has been around for some time) of the new ECTO-1, and it was a throwback to how the original ECTO-1 was first was seen on the big screen all those years ago. I liked the how they’re using a 30 year old hearse and represent the length of time it has been between this and from the original films….minus a few years, roughly.

Ecto 1
Throwback to the unveiling of ECTO-1

WE HAVE SLIMER…..This was just pure pleasure to see him once again. I don’t think Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis or Ivan Reitman thought that Slimer would become the icon he is.


We also see the typical upsurge of ghouls causing havoc in Times Square. Upon re-watching the trailer for write this. I noticed the billboard for Twinkies, which referred to Winston response after Egon explained about the imminent P.K.E surge in Ghostbusters 1.

Times Square Twinkie
What about the Twinkie?

We finally see the weapons in action. Upon first view of the Proton Pistols I thought, utter gimmick. but after a few watches I actually thought they are pretty cool. We also saw the Proton Pack hot and popping! This was the moment I thought ‘Now this it Ghostbusters’

Proton PistolsProton packs are hot

Upon this we get to see Kevin, the new receptionist, possibly possessed like McCarthy’s character was a few seconds later.


We then are introduced to the logo and that was that was the end of the trailer.

To sum up, it looks interesting based from what the trailer is. The characters look interesting,  with each character showing each of these wonderful actresses typical character traits that we have seen in previous films and TV shows.  Visually it looks great, although the tonal colour of the apparitions could have been expanded to just green and blue.

We have nothing to base the story on as yet, other than the ghosts can take over humans, and some stuff is going down in NYC, but it’s all still open to interpretation. However, all of this is based on a trailer, which doesn’t always necessarily represents the final product, to a degree anyways. The important question is will it be good? Now that I can’t answer….But I can say I hope so! Cause it’s been a little too long and I need to see me some Proton Pack action once again.